Gas Boiler Replacements

All our Ideal boilers come complete with 7, 10 or 12 year warranty, chemical flush & magnetic filter. The Vogue Max (12 Year Warranty) & The Logic Max ( 10 Year Warranty )

Ideal Vogue 18 Kw From € 2500

Ideal Vogue 26 Kw From € 2800

Ideal Vogue 32 Kw From € 3000

Ideal Logic 18 Kw From € 2200

Ideal Logic 24 Kw From € 2350

Ideal Logic 30 Kw From € 2550                  




All our Ideal boiler installations come complete with a 7, 10 or 12 year warranty, A typical installation takes about 1-2 days for one engineer. We carry out a magnetic chemical flush on the existing radiators rather than a high pressure power flush as this achieves better results and also gives you the peace of mind of not disturbing the existing heating pipework under your floors. We remove all the cardboard, packaging and old boiler off the premises and dispose of accordingly. On completion of the boiler install we carry out a full demonstration, leave all the relevant manuals and leave a Registered gas installers certificate for your house insurance.

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