Gas & Oil Boilers Repairs and Replacements

boiler-repairingBoiler Repairs

We work with every make and model of boiler on the market. We stock a huge selection of parts, we are fault-finding specialists and have travelled throughout the UK attending courses of all the most popular makes and models of boilers installed throughout Ireland.  With our vast knowledge of boilers & heating systems. We can usually diagnose the problem within an hour, so we can have your boiler back up and running within the day.

Boiler Replacements

Why replace your boiler
If your boiler keeps breaking down and your having to install parts and pay unnecessary call out fees. Well then it is time to replace your boiler.

If your boiler is 10 years or more, you are wasting your money and energy and it maybe time to replace your boiler
The chances are your boiler is about 60% efficient with high greenhouse gas emissions.  With a new band A high-efficiency condensing boiler, The efficiencies start at 91%

So what does this actually mean ???
Rule of thumb is that for every €1 you’re putting in to heat your property you are getting 60 cent value with a wastage of 40 cent
So with a new condensing boiler you’re putting in €1 and getting 91 cent or more value and only having a tiny wastage of  9 cent or less.

So how is this achieved ???
Well basically your new condensing boiler extracts the heat from going out the flue pipe outside the property and converts it back into heat which is transferred back into heating your radiators & hot water,  in turn saving you money and energy and reducing your greenhouse gas emissions. The heat expelled out into the atmosphere will be as little as 55 degrees with a high-efficiency boiler. If you compare this to a non condensing standard efficiency boiler which can let out heat into the atmosphere of up to 150 degrees or more.
You can see the huge saving to yourself

  • All our boilers installed are 91% or more efficient
  • We give a 5 year guarantee on all our boiler installs
  • We flush your system to regulations to remove existing dirt & debris. This is required by all manufacturers of our boilers
  • We install a MagnaClean on the system to prevent any further lime scale or metal particular build up in your system in the future. This would then be cleaned out every time we carry out your annual service
  • We install a carbon monoxide alarm close to the appliance
  • We always remove the existing boiler and packaging off your property
  • We provide you with a declaration of conformance certificate  and a receipt on completion
  • We give 24/7 advice over the phone if needs be

Please contact us  on 086 842 7171 for a no obligation, free quotation