Solar Panels

solar-panelsSolar Tubes
The Suns energy is free, it just needs to be harnessed for heating your water. A typical system can provide up to 70% of your domestic hot water requirements.

The solar heating panels we use incorporate a specially designed material for absorbing the suns radiated energy. This material absorbs the suns rays extremely efficiently similar to the way black clothing absorbs heat from the sun. The solar heating panels are also designed to hold on to the heat it gains so very little energy is lost.

Due to these factors the panels are still effective in low light conditions and will even provide up to 30% of the hot water requirements in the winter months. The aim of a system should be to achieve 100% of the hot water required during the summer months with an average provision of 60% of a total years hot water.

When the panels have absorbed the Suns energy, a network of pipe surrounded by the special absorbent material is heated up. When the water in this pipe reaches a temperature higher than the base of your hot water tank a pump will be activated and will carry the heat from the solar panels to the hot water tank.

Flat Rate Panels:
Flat plate solar collectors are complete enclosed one piece panels constructed with glass plate, selective absorber and copper piping embedded with insulation. The whole plate absorbs the Suns rays and transfers the heat to the water in the copper pipe. They can be mounted on top of an existing roof or can be integrated into the roof of a new building during construction. The main advantages of flat plate panels are as follows:

They are aesthetically discreet and look very similar to a Velux window when integrated into the roof.
They come with a 20 year guarantee.
Ideal for heating water.
Higher peak temperature than evacuated tubes.

Evacuated Tube Panels
Each panel is made up with a number of individual glass tubes, each connected to an insulated manifold header at the top. Each tube is constructed with two walls of glass with a vacuum in between (similar to a flask). On the inner surface of the inner wall is a selective absorber coating. The absorber transfers heat to a copper pipe and the vacuum ensures practically no loss in energy gained. The header at the top of the panel collects heat from each of the individual tubes’ copper pipe. Because of the tubes round profile, it ensures optimum energy absorption throughout the day. These type of panels are only mounted on top of the roof of both existing and new builds. The main advantages of evacuated tube panels are as follows:

They are excellent at collecting energy in low light conditions.
They come with a 10 year guarantee.
Ideal for providing back-up to a homes heating.
Slightly higher overall annual efficiency compared with flat plate panels.

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