Gas & Oil Boiler Servicing

gasGas Boiler Service € 150

Complete with RGI Declaration of Conformation Certificate

Oil Boiler Service & Nozzle Replacement €170

All our gas boilers services are carried out by RGI registered engineers.


Our gas boiler services consist of :

  • 16 point safety check
  • Soundness test on existing gas line and appliances
  • Carbon monoxide safety test
  • Flue gas analysis & printout of how efficient your boiler actually is. (You would be surprised of how much money you could be losing due to an inefficient boiler)
  • On completion of your boiler service, We provide you with a declaration of conformance certificate and a receipt

Our oil boiler services consist of :

  • Safety checks carried out
  • Boiler is stripped down and all baffles are cleaned piece by piece
  • Boiler chamber is cleaned out
  • Oil nozzle will be replaced and not just cleaned
  • Boiler seals are checked and replaced if necessary
  • Oil filter is cleaned and replaced if necessary
  • Fire safety valve is checked and replaced if necessary

(Additional costs will occur if any items not part of standard service need to be replaced) But if the boiler has been serviced on an annual basis, then chances are a full service will be sufficient.

To find out more or to book your boiler service please phone 086 842 71 71 or contact us online