Plumbing Services


Attic Storage tank replacements

All our tanks are PVC plastic complete with lids to prevent legionaries disease (Did you know if your water tank is the old galvanised steel type tank  or if it is over 25 years old, your house insurance might not pay out in the event water damage due to a burst tank)

Hot water storage cylinders

Replace your hot water cylinder with A rated pre insulated cylinders. If you can see the bare copper cylinder or have a cylinder jacket on it. You are wasting your money and energy. Our  pre-insulated cylinders maintain hot water temperature inside for up to 10 hours. We Install immersion timers on all our hot water cylinders to prevent leaving that expensive immersion constantly on. As we all forget to turn it off from one time to another !!!!


All types of taps supplied & fitted. Have you got a tap constantly annoying you by dripping? Why not replace it or it could simply be solved by replacing a washer From bathroom to sink to outside taps. You name it. We can do it


  • Electric showers
  • Power showers
  • Pumped showers

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