Central Heating Systems


DG Plumbing & Heating can replace your existing central heating system with a high-efficiency heating system and save you money.

Heating Systems in Irish Homes

A typical heating system in Ireland consists of some type of boiler/burner source like a gas boiler, oil boiler or an old fashioned back boiler located inside your fire place. Your boiler works in conjunction then with a series of pipes that deliver heated water to your radiators. There would also be a hot water cylinder tank in a hot press that in turn is also heated from your boiler source. This type of heating system is tried and tested for years and it works effectively but over a period of time your boiler and radiators become inefficient due to age and wear and tear. If you start to notice that your radiators are not heating up as quick, not as hot as they used to be or some radiators are hotter than others then you should consider upgrading your boiler, radiators and how you would like to control your system.

Gas Boilers or Heat pumpsĀ 

Ok so where do we start on this topic !!!!

We will try to keep this as simple as possible, As you may be aware the political Green Party are calling for a complete ban on all gas and oil boilers by 2025 and they want households to get heat pumps installed instead. So let us think about this for a minute !!!

We already know that a typical system in Ireland is set up to work with a burner/boiler and now we are expected by 2025 to just discontinue boilers been Installed if your boiler breaks down or comes to the end of its life. First of all it is not just as simple as removing your boiler and installing a heat pump. They are totalling different to a boiler as regards size, cost, location and feasibility. Heat pump technology is relatively new to Ireland so what we recommend to our clients is keeping your existing system in place like your radiators and pipe work under your floor and just upgrade your old boiler to a high efficiency boiler with a minimum 10 year guarantee and you know that you will have an energy efficient system for at least another 15-20 years without all of the destruction of getting a heat pump installed and without the astronomical cost.

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