Central Heating Systems


DG Plumbing & Heating can replace your existing  your  central heating system with a high-efficiency heating system and save you money.

High Efficiency Boilers

High efficiency boilers such as condensing boilers harness the heat in boilers exhaust gases to dramatically increase efficiency. A typical boiler installed in a house built in the 80’s may have an efficiency of approx. 70% – maybe even lower. The efficiency of a condensing boiler is higher than 90% +.

An energy rating carried out on a typical home built in the 80’s showed savings of 34% when a new condensing boiler and zone controls were installed in accordance with the Home Energy Saving Grant Scheme.

When a fuel oil or gas is burnt it generates heat but also produces fumes/exhaust gases. In a normal boiler these exhaust gases are dumped out to the atmosphere via the flue at very high temperatures i.e. 200-260°C. This is a significant waste of heat. These new condensing boilers increase their efficiency over your standard boilers by taking the exhaust gases and using them to pre-heat the water in the heating system before it reaches the main boiler. The result is that the exhaust gases give off a large amount of heat and now leave the boiler at approx. 60-80°C.

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